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  • Marc Oakley

    Marc Oakley

    Shepherd of words. Wrangler of turds. Toddler survivor. Writer for #The Ascent and #The Riff. Ambassador of Hope at THE WALLOBOOKS PROJECT. marcoakley.com

  • John Dean

    John Dean

    Writer, blogger, lover of nature, music, photography, and Goldendoodles. Top writer in Government. Editor of Dean’s List.

  • Shoaib Mirza

    Shoaib Mirza

    Conflict| Cricket| Chai and Politics

  • Abdirahim Saeed

    Abdirahim Saeed

    BBC journalist

  • Fatima Manji

    Fatima Manji

    Correspondent @Channel4News there's no such thing as the voiceless, only the deliberately silenced + the preferably unheard. (profile pics not endorsements)

  • Daniel Silas Adamson

    Daniel Silas Adamson

    #BBCAfricaEye producer

  • Hussein Kesvani

    Hussein Kesvani

    Writer, UK/Europe editor for MEL

  • Florence Massena

    Florence Massena

    Independant journalist based in Lebanon and broader in Middle East. Passionate about people and ideas , I mostly cover positive ideas for the region.

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