• Tracey Chambers

    Tracey Chambers

  • Shoaib Mirza

    Shoaib Mirza

    Conflict| Cricket| Chai and Politics

  • Liz Kelly-Ayala

    Liz Kelly-Ayala

    True Crime Fiend | Graduate Student in Education | Productivity | Self Help | Future of Education | Creative Writer | Content Writer| Nor California Girl 🌊

  • Joseph Gurumendi

    Joseph Gurumendi

    Served 13 years as an Intelligence Officer for DoD, currently an Army Instructor, and the Co-Founder of Principal Agent Consulting Solutions (PACS).

  • Dino Subašić

    Dino Subašić

    Journalist (RTV Slovenija 2019-, European Commission 2020-), event host, traveler. dinosubasic999@gmail.com

  • Lorne Sausage

    Lorne Sausage

    Beleagured socialist dabbling in the Labour Party. Writing to challenge and provoke thought — hopefully.

  • Sayan Chakraborty

    Sayan Chakraborty

    A Law student, with in depth knowledge of constitutional and corporate law. I also love to write.

  • Gail Dubois Reid

    Gail Dubois Reid

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