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Based on the 2017 New Yorker article, “The Desperate Battle to Destroy ISIS” Mosul has the feel and looks of a Hollywood blockbuster, and those sitting down to their Netflix queue may mistake the film for another military-themed action thriller offering that the streaming service has pumped out across out in recent years. However Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction and Ryan Reynolds’ 6 Underground this is not.

Despite being directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan the writer of Deepwater Horizon, World War Z and 21 Bridges, Mosul may have the premise of an action film but it’s more than that. The film is…

“Lock her up” seemed to be the slogan and chant that then candidate President Donald Trump bestilled on his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. It became synonymous with him and his supporters and is still referenced today. From a marketing perspective, this was a dream. A quick, and snappy catchphrase that would stick to Clinton like clue and burrow into the heads of voters as they headed into the polls. Even if they didn’t actually understand exactly why President Trump felt Clinton should be in prison it still planted a seed of doubt into undecided voters heads.

Countless theories have stated…

The so-called Islamic State does not fill headlines in the way they used to but now as ‘fighters’ within the caliphate are being charged, two of the most notorious members are now facing charges in the US despite being raised and born in Britain.

Alexanda Kotey (R) and El Shafee Elsheikh (L) nicknamed ‘Jihadi Ringo’ and ‘Jihadi George’ photographed upon arrest in Syria. The two now face criminal charges and life in prison in the United States. Copyright: Sky News ©

“A Message to America” fills the screen of a video uploaded to YouTube on August 19, 2014. It features the uncomfortable sight for many across the world, especially journalists. A man is being led into a desert area, clad in an orange jumpsuit by a hooded masked figure wielding a large knife. …

The world will watch the USA decide Biden or Trump on November 3rd, but with a Brexit deal (or lack of) threatening the Good Friday Agreement and trade deals with the US criticised, where does the future President stand on Northern Ireland?

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*This story was edited and updated on 18 October 2020 to reflect the Biden/Harris campaign statement on Northern Ireland/Irish and the Good Friday Agreement that was published on 17 October 2020.

It’s been said President Trump has divided America, something that Northern Ireland is all too familiar with. “What about Northern Ireland? There is so much hatred there…

As the much stalled peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government get underway in Doha, many followers of the conflict that has plagued the country are not holding their breath for a satisfactory conclusion between the two groups.

Members of the Taliban delegation attend the opening session of the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in the Qatari capital Doha on September 12, 2020. (Photo by KARIM JAAFAR / AFP)©.

The world’s eyes are on a hotel room in Doha, Qatar with the Taliban again taking a centre stage in international press at a level not seen since shortly after 9/11. These long awaited yet staggered talks between the Afghan goverment delgations and representatives from the fundamentalist militant group come hot on the coatails of the US-Taliban deal in Febuary…

As TikTok raced late Monday night to remove clips of a live streamed suicide which filled the app’s ‘For You Page’ major concerns over the popular app came to light once again.

A violent video is just among the content TikTok has been critiqued for hosting with many users stating they have seen sexual content, self-harm and bullying on the app. Image: TechCrunch ©

Warning: This article contains references to suicide and self-harm.

Popular social media app TikTok, faced a new crisis on Monday evening when the app was critised for being too slow to remove a graphic video shared throughout it’s homepage known as the ‘For You Page.’

The video, which has been viewed by the reporter, shows a man sitting at desk who suddenly commits suicide. Reported and named as…

A billboard in Belfast City Centre highlighting ‘Invisible Traffick’ a human trafficking charity based in Northern Ireland.

Last month saw a 39 year old man denied bail by Belfast Magistrates Court following charges related to human trafficking. Whilst often reported as one of the most heinous crimes, this case is just one of many ones in the last few years all either coming from or connected to Northern Ireland.

On October 23 2019, news headlines were dominated by reports that 39 bodies had been found in a refrigerator lorry in Essex, England. The story captivated news across the UK, and brought the issue of migration into the UK back into the headlines with a more somber tone…

It’s not unusual for Northern Ireland to be associated with terrorism given it’s past, but does just being born there make you more likely to be linked with Islamic terror? Yes, according to a new Netflix television series.

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Anyone in the UK sitting down to watch the third episode of Netflix’s new documentary series, World’s Most Wanted,will likely be or at least slightly aware of its subject, Samantha Louise Lewthwaite.

Also know by her tabloid nickname of ‘The White Widow’ Samantha dominated the headlines after the 7/7 bombings in London interviewed her as the wife of Germaine Lindsay, one of…

As Belfast City Hall glows red, white and green as tribute to the recent explosion in Beirut, it’s a stark reminder that the two cities, despite being over 3,000 miles apart are more connected that it would seem.

Belfast City Hall lit up with the colours of the Lebanon flag in solidarity with Beirut, on Wednesday 5 August 2020. Photograph and copyright: Kurtis Reid

Standing in front of City Hall, a place were tributes are often seen as contentious and polarising for Northern Ireland’s community, the people here are reminded how far we have come in our own sectarian conflict. Belfast, much like Beirut, are places of which when their names are spoken they often strike connotations of sectarian violence, as well as the image of…

Kurtis Reid

I’m a freelance journalist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland writing about issues in Northern Ireland on an international level. Twitter @kurtisreid_

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